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Applying Lawn Treatment

Jeff’s Outdoor Services is certified and licensed by the State of Minnesota & Wisconsin Department of Agriculture as a Pesticide Applicator. We provide services and have programs designed to provide you with a thicker, greener, weed free lawn.

Our technicians are knowledgeable about the life cycles of weeds and know when and how often we need to treat your lawn to achieve a high-quality looking lawn.

Our fertilizer programs are organic and phosphorous free as we want the next generations to enjoy our rivers, lakes, and streams for years to come.

We currently offer 3 programs, read below to learn more about each option.

The BEST PROGRAM includes ALL 5 applications listed below.
The BETTER PROGRAM includes applications 1, 2, 3 & 5 listed below.
The GOOD PROGRAM includes applications 1, 3 & 5 listed below.

Application #1 – Pre-Emergent: A fertilizer to replenish depleted nutrients from spring green- up and winter stress. A slow release pre-emergent liquid fertilizer for weed control and crabgrass control.

Application #2 – Spring (Early June): A fertilizer to rebuild the food reserve to improve color and density and a slow release weed control application.

Application #3 – Summer (Mid July): Our spray technician will scout for new weeds that have emerged and spot treat them. A slow release liquid fertilizer will be applied if appropriate with conditions, along with a grub worm preventer.

Application #4 – Late Summer (Mid-August): This application will help the lawn get through the stress of a Minnesota summer. The fertilizer to help encourage new root growth to keep your lawn looking green and healthy. This application is a granular.

Application #5 – Fall (Late September/Early October): The most important application of the season. This fertilizer and crab grass control applications helps prepare the lawn for winter and helps it green up for next spring.

Lawn Aeration:

Don’t Forget an Aeration Service!

This service is critical in the fall as the plants are busy enhancing their root zones in preparation for winter. Alleviating compaction will allow the root zone to open up and promote new growth. Aeration removes 1”-3” long cores of soil. As these cores “melt” they speed up the natural process of thatch breakdown. The holes left by aeration allow for air, water, fertilizer, and sunlight to reach the root system faster. The roots will grow toward these holes and as a result you will have a healthier, deeper root system.


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