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 Professional Lawn Care Adds Instant Curb Appeallawn care services, weed control, lawn mowing service

You own a home with incredible potential for landscaping.  Unfortunately, a beautiful lawn doesn’t happen by itself. Lawn care can be incredibly time consuming and expensive, requiring a variety of tools and experience to keep your grass green and trimmed. Our Lawn Care Maintenance programs can provide you with a greener, lusher lawn.

We provide a multitude of services that can help you get the lawn you want this season.  These services are designed to make your home maintenance tasks less of a burden, giving you the freedom and ability to spend more time simply enjoying your property.  From simple lawn mowing and weeding to more involved projects like tilling, aerating, and applying fertilizer to your lawn, our team is ready to get your property in shape for the season.

Jeff’s Outdoor Services is certified and licensed by the State of Minnesota and the Department of Agriculture as a Pesticide Applicator.

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Lawn Care Services:

  • Lawn Mowing
  • Weed Control & Fertilizing
  • Landscape Maintenance (weeding, pruning & mulching)
  • Aerating (Slice & Core)
  • De-thatching
  • Spring & Fall Clean-ups
  • Tree Trimming
  • Round Up Services
  • Lawn mowing:Having a professional lawn care company maintain your property has a number of benefits!
  1. Having nice curb appeal for everyone to enjoy.
  2. It helps free up your schedule allowing you to enjoy other summertime activities such as fishing, boating, camping, or simply just enjoying time with friends and family.
  3. Allows us to watch the behaviors of your lawn specific to the weather conditions and set our lawn mower decks to properly maintain a healthy lawn.
  4. Part of our service includes picking up any trash or debris before we begin mowing. Our lawn care crews trim around all items on the property, mow your lawn at the appropriate deck height, and blow all clippings back into the lawn.  Did you know that grass clippings provide vital nutrients back into your lawn?  Grass clippings contain nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium nutrients which is the same nutrients found in fertilizer.
  5. We also can provide peace of mind by offering weekly checks to your property to report any suspicious behaviors or changes to your property while we are there providing services.

Weed Control:

Hiring a professional weed control company can help you create a thicker, greener, weed free lawn.  In our specific climate zone, we basically fight two types of weeds:  broadleaf and crabgrass.  The Jeff’s Outdoor Services crew is knowledgeable about the life cycles of weeds and knows when and how often we need to treat your lawn to achieve a high quality looking lawn.

Our fertilizer programs are organic and phosphorous free as we want the next generations to enjoy our rivers, lakes, and streams for years to come.

We current offer 3 programs, read below to learn more about each option.

BEST PROGRAM: Includes all 6 rounds of application along with a spring and fall aeration. This is the BEST program to keep your lawn at it’s finest!

Round 1 – April through early May, a slow release liquid fertilizer and preventative crabgrass control.  Weed control will be applied when the dandelions have started to “flower”.
Round 2 – mid May through late June, a slow release liquid fertilizer with a complete weed control application.
Round 3 – late June through July, a slow release liquid fertilizer with spot weed control is applied.
Round 4 – August through early September, a slow release liquid fertilizer with spot weed control.  This application helps the lawn get through the stress of a typical Minnesota summer
Round 5 – early September through early October, a slow release liquid fertilizer with a complete weed control application.  This fertilizer application helps prepare the lawn for the winter and also helps it green up next spring.  This weed control application is the most important one of the season.  It takes care of weeds that may be left over from the hot summer months, and also catches the weeds that are already sprouting up for next spring.
Round 6 – October through early November, a slow release liquid fertilizer with a complete weed control application.

BETTER PROGRAM: Includes rounds 1-5 (listed above) along with a fall aeration.

GOOD PROGRAM: Includes rounds 1, 2, 4 and 5.

We highly recommend starting with our BEST program if your lawn has never been treated before.

Lawn Aeration:

Lawn aeration creates thousands of new growth zones throughout your lawn by removing 1”-3” long cores of soil.  As these cores “melt” they speed up the natural process of thatch breakdown.  The holes left by aeration allow for air, water, fertilizer, and sunlight to reach the root system faster.  The roots will grow toward these holes and as a result you will have a healthier, deeper root system.

Spring Lawn Clean Ups:

In the spring time of year it’s important to get your yard cleaned up and ready for the new growing season.   Having leaves and debris on your lawn makes it harder for it to become healthy and strong. Our crews will come to your property and blow out your landscaping areas and flower beds as well as sweep and rake up any leftover snow remnants.  During this service we also provide a dethatching service to help prepare your lawn for that first mowing of the year.

Your Lawn Care Maintenance program can be as simple or comprehensive as your lifestyle needs require.  Call us on an October day to help with the fall clean up tasks – or schedule ongoing maintenance projects throughout the summer months.  We will work within your needs and budget to help increase and sustain the appearance and health of your Pine City/Rush City lawn.

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