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Snow Removal & Ice Maintenance Services

Jeff's Outdoor Services offers efficient snow removal in Pine City, MN Snow plowing services from Jeff's Outdoor Services of Pine City, MN

We know winters are tough, but you don’t have to manage the snow and ice on your own!

Winter can be a demanding and unpredictable time of the year! Mother Nature doesn’t have a set schedule so snow and ice can arrive at any given time. This is why you will want a dependable snow removal and ice maintenance service to keep your environment clean and safe. We have dedicated employees, reliable equipment, and technology that can provide a quality service. We provide snow removal and ice maintenance services to commercial, industrial and residential properties.

We strive to be one of the most innovative companies in snow and ice maintenance services in our area. We also look for ways to save on our environment and that’s why we use a salt brine as an alternative treatment application to using straight rock salt on our side walks and parking lots. Below are the reasons we use a salt brine:

  • Salt brine minimizes the harmful effects on the environment. We are able to drastically cut salt usage on our accounts and this means LESS salt is making it into our waterways causing harm to plants and animals!

  • Salt brine can be used as an anti-icing application before a winter event. It will prevent a bond from forming between falling snow and ice on an outdoor surface.

  • Salt brine will start melting snow and ice right away and that’s a huge safety bonus for our customers.

  • Salt brine is already in solution form so it goes right to WORK while rock salt doesn’t work until snow and ice start to melt.

  • Salt brine is sprayed on as a liquid and it doesn’t bounce and will land where directed and is very effective.

  • Salt brine doesn’t stick to your shoes and won’t get tracked into your building like rock salt does. This can significantly save on janitorial costs and wear/tear on flooring and carpets.

    The team at Jeff's Outdoor Services is ready to take care of your snow plowing needs this winter

Snow & Ice Maintenance Services:

  • Commercial, Industrial, & Residential Snow Plowing
  • Snow Hauling
  • Sidewalk Shoveling
  • Salt Brine Treatments – Pre & Post Treating
  • Salting of Driveways/Parking Lots
  • Salt/Sanding of Driveways/Parking Lots
  • Sidewalk Salting
  • Snow Removal from Roofs

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